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AT is a training program developed by the pioneer of humanistic psychology Dr. Claudio Naranjo for all those who want to go beyond the therapeutic level in their work with people and who attach importance to embodying this dimension themselves.

"I regard the SAT Program
as being a university
of love
and of global consciousness."

Claudio Naranjo

Four components
The "SAT-Process" contains four components which are offered in consecutive years. The first three components comprise ten days each.

he SAT-Program is designed for all those who want to break the limits of therapeutic work in their search for truth. In a unique way it works on the psycho-spiritual development of the human being.
This training program holistically integrates the intellectual, emotional, physical and spiritual dimensions of being.
after Truth"
SAT is a comprehensive training for personal and professional development. Claudio Naranjo chose the name "Seekers after Truth" in the 70's in order to accompany people in their search for truth.

At the same time this term refers to the direct connection between this work and the eastern traditions as it  means "being" in Sanskrit. The holistic training which is offered in this program is intended as a "service to being".

The Enneagram
The work with the Enneagram plays a central role in the SAT Program. The Enneagram emanates from traditions of great antiquity and offers an astonishingly precise map of personal development processes.

Together with Oscar Ichazo, Claudio Naranjo was the first to bring the Enneagram to the Western World and to interweave it with modern psychology.

What it is about:

  The experience of a personal and social transformation as well as the improvement of human relationships

  A practice of self-development, self-awareness and development of one's own potential

  The liberation of spontaneity and loosening of personal blockages

  The unfolding of attention as well as enhancement and sharpening of the consciousness

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