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This workshop is specifically focused on the physical and symbolic dimensions of birth. It allows us to explore the first moments of life on the edges of mystery, treat perinatal wounds and cultivate an acute sensibility that gives sense and centre to our Being.  
Birth is our first experience of transformation. It is gateway to the Great Adventure of Life!

How did we experience this transition?

Was it marked by trust and gentleness or on the contrary, by fear and confusion?

What about our future experiences of changes?
Mother’s womb is our first home. In this space of complete fusion and for nine months we share her emotions and circumstances. Our life adventure begins with her, in her! Indeed, she gives us a foretaste of the world that awaits us.

What has the flavour been?

In what atmosphere are the first links between the child, the mother and the father forged?  
The first breath is opening towards autonomy and all the world has to offer.

How was this first movement? How does it shape us us?

What is our respiratory plasticity like today?
These milestones are often accompanied by possible traumas that, although unspoken, are deeply embedded in our cellular memory. It is by inhabiting the body with gentleness and kindness that we can free ourselves from them and so reconnect with our body’s wisdom and self-regulatory capacity.

This workshop is also an opportunity to give birth to a new inner family constellation that allows us to become aware of the sense of motherhood and fatherhood and to repair the loving movements interrupted with our origins.

This work is aimed at those who wish to leap with confidence and curiosity into the great waters of life and who aspire to be Born for Being.

Cherif Chalakani works on perinatal experiences by gently integrating emotional and physical self-regulation around the breath, movement and awareness. His approach offers both healing and transpersonal awakening.

He has been facilitating this workshop for over twenty years as part of the SAT led by Claudio Naranjo and in different Gestalt, systemic therapy and body oriented institutes in Latin America and Europe.
He will be joined by  Katrin Reuter.


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Detailed press article:
"From being a lost child in exile to feeling at home in the body"

“From this process of birth I have gained the experience of trusting in order to undergo life transformations. An experience that goes beyond the present moment and settles over time, like a memory that I can recall in other situations”            (Monika, Mind-Body Therapist)

“Moving from our biological birth to the birth of the heart. Becoming Men, women of love. Becoming love of oneself, of life, of others”            (Jean Marie, Writer)


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