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This program is aimed at expanding elements of the SAT online
and prepare participants for upcoming SAT modules.
7 February 2021
SAT @home - “A Day like at SAT”
e cannot hold a real SAT seminar with all its gifts and encounters at the moment. What we can do however, is get together virtually and reconnect, refresh and deepen experiences of the SAT modules - all from the comfort of our own homes!
Planned is a typical SAT day, with the same sequence and richness for body, mind and heart:
we start in the morning with body and movement work
move on to guided meditation;
then devote ourselves to the Enneagram of Personality, with a focus on the different ways in which the nine Enneatypes evolve;
and lastly, we will also have theatre work in our digital baggage, with an exciting twist that allows us to embody our character.
There will be lectures; small groups and guided work in pairs and individually, creatively alternating with body and expressive explorations. We will also include plenty of screen breaks alongside lunch and dinner breaks to relax and integrate the SAT experience in our own homes.
The SAT @home is for you if you have taken part in at least one SAT module and if you like to refresh your Enneagram knowledge, revisit the SAT dialogue, and explore with us your current movement and expression online.  

Accompanying you through the day:
Cherif Chalakani (movement work & meditation)
Katrin Reuter (Enneagram of Personality)
Duccio Barlucchi (theatre work)
And with video contributions by Claudio Naranjo

On 7 February 2021 from 9am – 8 pm
The virtual space via ZOOM allows participation from all over the world
English, German, French
Participation fees:
We offer fees on sliding scale basis. This allows participants to pay according to individual possibilities*.

    Sponsoring price: 130 €
    Normal price: 90 €
    Reduced price: 50 €
(*The normal fee represents the price to cover the costs of the program. If you can afford the sponsoring fee you assist our efforts to offer lower sliding-scale rates and ongoing financial subsidies of the reduced price.)

For young adults: An online introduction to the Enneatypes and the SAT program
We are currently developping a specific format for people below the age of 35

Save the Date !  March 26th, 27th & April 10th 2021     Learn more...


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