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The SAT is a psycho-spiritual development program created by Dr. Claudio Naranjo.
It is composed of a mosaic of methods and organically structured techniques
that promotes mutual support and harmonization of our relational and loving abilities.

The SAT helps neutralize repetitive neurotic mechanisms and facilitates the emergence of a new consciousness open to the creative potential. 

Upcoming online events
SAT Programme
An Introduction evening
23rd may 2021
with Katrin Reuter and Sophie Friedel
Information and registration

SAT online conference & workshop series
Therapeutic theatre: Personality and Characters
May 29th and 30th 2021
With Joan Carlos Corazza 
Information and registration
Dates 2021
SAT Module I
Self-awareness and vitality
July 5th to 14th 2021

SAT-Module III
Intuition and inner guidance
October 1st to 10th 2021
Dates 2022
Enneagram and
systemic constellations

April 6th  to 10th  2022
Conducted by: Joan Garriga and Stephan Hausner
Registration (Office)

The way of the Clown
April 27th to May 1st 2022
Conducted by: Alain Vigneau

New born
with Cherif Chalakani and Katrin Reuter
October 13th to 16rd 2022

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