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his new seminar format combines two powerful lines of work, the Enneagram of personality and the systemic vision of family constellation. Main objective is to explore how character structures emerge within family dynamics and systems. The therapeutic approach will consist in placing ourselves beyond our personal biograph into our extended family system, and thus experiencing solutions for problems and limitations.

The workshop offers space for self-enquiry and personal development as well as the opportunity to get to know the systemic foundation in the different Enneaypes. We will be working on cognitive as well as emotional and body-oriented levels, including the following methods:
Short introductions to the Enneatypes according to Dr. Claudio Naranjo
Family constellations and systemic exercises for the whole group
Individual and single constellations
Working with the Family Tree

The seminar is aimed at people who have completed or are currently participating in the SAT cycle and wish to deepen their work on themselves, their character and their family history. Persons who have studied the Enneagram within others than the SAT school are also very welcome.

Joan Garriga is currently one of the most important representatives of systemic constellation work in Spain and Latin America. As a long-time collaborator of Claudio Naranjo, he is closely familiar with the Psychology of Enneatypes that he combines it in his specific approach with Gestalt therapeutic approaches and family constellations.  

Stephan Hausner is a teaching therapist of the German Society for System Constellations (DGfS) and he has been leading international therapy and training groups on system constellations for many years. He has a special focus on the structures that shape mental and physical health in families and social systems.  

Both are connected by a fine and profound way of leading constellations, which enable to open spaces and to allow releasing and healing powers become effective. They will be supported by Katrin Reuter and Cherif Chalakani in conducting the seminar.

From April 7th  to 10th  2022
Participation fee:
450 € plus accommodation and full board
For all registrations before the 12th of may 2021, the cost is 390€
English, French, German, Spanish
Hotel Grossbach, Menzenschwand in the Black Forest between Freiburg and Basel
Accommodation costs:
Per night with full board. All rooms are equipped with bath or shower/WC, plus tourist tax (2,50 €)
114,00 € (Single room)
81,00 € (Twin room)
75,00 € (6 bed room as spacious shared apartment)

The hotel is located in the middle of the Black Forest and we gladly recommend an early arrival or departure in order to enjoy the beautiful nature and to let the seminar linger.

Starting at 5.00 pm
at 1.00 pm with a lunch


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