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SAT online conference & workshop series

laudio Naranjo's teachings outline a holistic as well as harmonious development of the human being and are especially relevant in the uncertain times we are experiencing today, both personally and socially. Indeed, they facilitate the emergence of an individual and collective awareness which allows us to respond creatively to current challenges.

SAT Germany - France is therefore launching an international series of online meetings that will present to an interested audience the diversity and richness of the different approaches that constitute the psycho-spiritual growth path of SAT. Using the virtual space and its possibilities we are delighted to invite collaborators and companions of Claudio Naranjo throughout the year who have creatively integrated his teachings and vision into their specific field of work.

They will present the diversity of disciplines that accompany and nourish the work with the Enneagram of Personality in a theoretical and experiential way. Those methods converge organically towards an essential knowledge of the self and personal growth, such as: movement, theater, meditation, the various currents of therapeutic and self-help accompaniment, systemic work on parental figures.

Each online meeting consists of two sessions:
The first evening session: conference set up, Saturdays at 6 pm (CEST), an overview of the topic for each meeting is presented in the form of a dialogue or interview of one and a half hours:
The personal and professional background of the invited speaker
His/Her understanding and integration of Claudio Naranjo's vision into his/her work.
The relevance of his/her approach to the specific module of the SAT program in which he/she is working in.
An open Q & A session
The second evening session: workshop style, Sundays at 6 pm (CEST) the meeting is planned like a practical workshop of 3 hours, inviting the participants to experience the specific approach.

Who is the SAT online conference & workshop series for?
People who want to learn about Naranjo's approach and the SAT program firsthand.
For former participants of the SAT program who want to connect to their experiences and immerse themselves in its rich teaching
For anyone interested in sharing and learning together

Worldwide. The virtual possibilities, via ZOOM, open access to the SAT online conference & workshop series from anywhere in the world.
English, Spanish, French, German
Translators will provide translations through special language channels in ZOOM.  
Second meeting: May 29th and 30th 2021 - Joan Carlos Corazza
Therapeutic theatre: Personality and Characters
or the second meeting of our new SAT online conference and workshop series, we are pleased to welcome Juan Carlos Corazza. He is a theatre director and lecturer in drama training and has been instrumental in developing the therapeutic theatre approach around the Enneagram as offered during the SAT modules. Juan Carlos integrates theatre, group processes, and Gestalt therapy into a dynamic and healing self-exploration beyond our conditioned behavior.  
You will get an intensive insight into his way of working and have the opportunity to experience the potential of theater work for personal development. In the dialogue with Grazia Cecchini, the following topics and questions will be addressed:
Theater has been associated with healing since ancient times. So in what form and with what objective is it part of the SAT program today?
What is the importance of courage and creativity for the exploration of new roles that help us to break free from limiting aspects of our personality?
What power does therapeutic theater develop for actors and spectators?
Inner parts of ourselves that often remain hidden can be brought to light, changed, or integrated through theater work. How does this happen?
How can role-playing and acting help us on the way to authenticity?
Getting on stage, we can become aware of ourselves and experience freedom, joy, and compassion. What promotes this?

May 29th from 6 to 7:30 pm
Juan Carlos Corazza and Grazia Cecchini will be talking about theater work and its importance for vitality, creativity and personal development.
May 30th from 6 to 9 pm
Online exploration of therapeutic theater with Juan Carlos Corazza
Online registration
The fee includes the conference and the workshop. If you want to attend the conference only, please contact our office.
The price:
We offer fees on a sliding scale basis. This allows participants to pay according to individual possibilities*:
        Sponsorship price: 95 €
        Normal price: 75 €
        Reduced price: 45 €

(*The normal fee represents the price to cover the costs of the program. If you can afford the sponsoring fee you assist our efforts to offer lower sliding-scale rates and ongoing financial subsidies of the reduced price.)

Juan Carlos Corazza:
Theatre director and lecturer, founder of the Corazza Drama School in Madrid, one of the most important drama schools in Spain. He studied at the Conservatory of Dramatic Arts in Buenos Aires, with Carlos Gandolfo and Augusto Fernándes. He has directed many classical plays, some of them performed in Spain, Moscow, Mexico City, and Santiago de Chile. Internationally known for his work as an acting coach, in 2015 he received the ICON-El Pais Award and in 2017 the Honorary Award of the Spanish Actors' Association. He completed Gestalt therapy training and underwent the SAT training with Claudio Naranjo, with whom he subsequently worked for many years within the international SAT school.  

Previous events in the series:

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