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“Presence and Transformation” & ALUMNI meet up

This extraordinary SAT IV is designed for those who complete their SAT cycle in 2020 as well as for participants from previous years who want to deepen their experiences and immerse themselves in the typical SAT spirit. In addition to the program, they will have a special activity on their own to meet and share.  

This module offers a deep insight into the understanding of the inner journey, combining meditation practices and reflection on the very nature of the psycho-spiritual process of transformation.
We will continue to work cognitively and experience-oriented on the Enneagram of personality by emphasizing the peculiarities of the different Enneatypes and Subtypes during personal change processes.
Through the various forms of mutual support that SAT has to offer, participants explore ways in which they can integrate the achievements of working on themselves into their own lives and also make them available to the social environment.
The practice of meditation, both sitting and moving, is another central element of this module.

Besides Cherif and Katrin we are happy to welcome again a colleague with her extremely valuable and original contribution:
Dunya McPherson, dancer, choreographer and expert in Sufi dance. Inspired by the whirling dervishes, she will invite our soul to dance.


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