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In 2015, Claudio Naranjo conducted a project on Balzac's "Human Comedy" and the Enneatypes. For this purpose, he first combined the analysis of literature and theatrical work in connection with personality structures according to the Enneagram (>> Documentary on the project). This original methodology is now to be continued and deepened in this international seminar in order to sharpen our understanding of the Enneatypes and Subtypes and how they evolve.
The project
We will focus on the process of healing transformation, by investigating the characteristics of high representatives of self-realization of the different personality types. Our starting point shall be a list of historical figures exemplifying self-realization throughout their life.

Those who wish to participate will engage in a collaborative process analyzing the biographies of these representatives of psycho-spiritual maturity. They will investigate how their character had been formed, evolved through their life time and contributed to their work. Participants shall be of the same character (Enneatype and Subtype) as the historical figure they will research upon.

Furthermore, the seminar will also include a work of dramatization, in which participants shall have the opportunity to embody, as in theater, the spirit of the character they have studied. To this end and for the construction of appropriate scenery I have invited a group of theater directors who have been working closely with me over the past years”.

                                                Claudio Naranjo, October 2017

"Hof Oberlethe"

Comments from the organizers
After registration you will receive a detailed description of the preparatory work necessary for the participation in the seminar, as well as the list of personalities according to enneatypes and subtypes and a list of proposals for biographies. Reading and preparation can be done in German, English, French or Spanish.

This international seminar is open to all those who participated in at least two modules of the SAT program. In exceptional cases, people with no previous SAT knowledge can be admitted if they have substantial theoretical and practical experience with the Enneagram.

24th September 2018
Registration opens at 12 am
Seminar starts at 3 pm
29th September 2018
Seminar ends at 1 pm
Conducted by:
Dr. Claudio Naranjo
A team of theatre directors and actors under the supervision of Juan Carlos Corazza
Participation fees:
540 € early bird  until November 30th 2017
650 € until May 31st 2018
760 € from June 1st 2018
Hof Oberlethe, Wardenburg, near Bremen, Germany
Directions and travel information
English, German, French, Spanish

Please note:
Your selection will be forwarded to your hotel or apartment upon receipt of your deposit of the seminar fees and you will receive from there a reservation confirmation a few weeks before the beginning of the seminar.  

With a team of theater directors and actors:


Juan Carlos Corazza

Theatre director and teacher.

Founder and director of the Corazza Drama School in Madrid.

Performance coach. He teaches courses and Master Class in several countries. He has participated in numerous Theatre, Cinema and Television productions. Since 1995 he has collaborated in the international SAT program, for which he has created a theatrical proposal focused on the study of the Enneagram.

Consuelo Trujillo

Actress, director and teacher.

She was a member of the teaching staff at the Corazza Drama School for 14 years and collaborated in numerous Theatre, Cinema and Television projects.

She currently runs an Acting Training Laboratory and participates in artistic processes applied to performance, education, psychotherapy and human development in Spain, Italy and Latin America.

Claudia Della Seta

Actress, translator and playwright.

She trained as an actress in LA and was a member of the funding team of the “Arab Hebrew Theatre of Jaffa” in Israel, first theatre that promotes peace and dialogue between Israeli and Palestinians in war zones through theatre.

Director of the theatre company “Afrodita Compagnia” in Rome.

Reyes Hiraldo

Actress, director and teacher.

She trained as an actor at Corazza Drama School and at London's Central School of Speech and Drama.

She works as an actress/director and teaches regularly at various UK universities and drama schools.

Alain Vigneau

Clown and director.

He travelled for many years with his theatre "La Stravagante" through France and Spain, and today he teaches courses around the world devoted to the combination of clown theatre and psychotherapy. 

Rosa Morales Kucharski

Actress, Gestalt therapist and teacher.

She has been teaching for many years at the Corazza Drama School in Madrid and works both in theatre, as well as in film productions. 

Duccio Barlucchi

Actor, director and writer.

He is the Founder of the theatre group "Almaviva" in Florence, which specializes in the artistic use of masks in theatre. 

Gema Lopez

Psychologist, actress, scriptwriter and director.

In addition to her theatre work, she organises seminars which combine theater, creativity and psychotherapy. 

Giulio Costa

Set designer and architect.

He works as an actor, playwright and stage designer. He has contributed to several plays in Occhiobello, as well as to the Ferrara Off Theatre and to the Festival of Fairy Tales for adults in Italy.

Lorena de las Bayonas

Actress, director and teacher.
She began her acting studies at the University of Sydney in Australia, continued them at the Corazza School of Dramatic Art in Spain and now runs a private institute for training actors.

Oscar Velado

Actor, teacher and director.

He teaches at the Corazza Drama School and works with different theatre companies in Madrid. He trained in Gestalt Therapy and in Claudio Naranjo’s SAT program.

Alberto Lopez Murtra

Actor, teen theatre expert and teacher.

Teacher at the Corazza Drama School. Trained in lyric, musical singing, and in Family Constellations, he teaches techniques for communication and improvisation for the business world.

Luis Fuisté Coetzee Psychotherapist and playwright. He has staged many plays (for example, La Fura dels Baus) and participated in the filming of "Perfume". 

Address of
event venue:
Hof Oberlethe
Wardenburgerstraße 24
26203 Wardenburg
Directions and travel information

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