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Intensive Workshop «The Way of the Clown»

Good for nothing, but ready for anything;
frightened by the world as much as filled with wonder by life;
fierce poet with an open heart;
the clown nestles in our hearts as a figure close to childhood,
able to examine our adult lives in an extremely direct and simple way,
by inspiring them with a profoundly refreshing vision.
This international Essential Clown workshop, the only intensive format that Alain offers in Europe, is a surprising encounter with our most authentic being. Thanks to this little "red mask", we will discover how the fear of "not belonging to the world" leads us to hide in the depths of our feelings that are ultimately the most shared by all humans.

We can joyfully celebrate our shame, regain our dignity and enjoy the sweet rest of belonging to the world without having to hide our inner self.  

The Clown's crown jewels:
listening, trust, presence and freedom,,
will be embarked on this adventure.
The intensive workshop series is structured in such a way that both modules build on each other. In order to complete the inner clown work and to carry it into everyday life we recommend to plan time for both modules. The second module can be taken in the same year than module one or any time later. 
Module I
This is the time to sow seeds on a soil of self-confidence and in the group. We will look for the character with the red nose to rediscover our spontaneity and natural creativity and reconnect with our most authentic feelings.

Encouraged by the public gaze of the group, we will cross the bridge of initiation to "being on stage" to restore mutual trust between the inner child and the adult life.

As we transform our past into heritage, between laughter and tears, we can receive the radiance of our own humanity, celebrate life and marvel together at being what we have become.

"We will never be who we dream of being if we do not first celebrate who we already are."
Alain Vigneau, «Clown Essentiel, the art of laughing at yourself»

Opens the possibility to deepen our acting on stage as well as our personal process.

Thanks to the climate of trust and transparency cultivated during the first meeting with Alain and the group, our creations, dreams and fears will be welcomed without judgment. More than ever, our actions will be comforted by the benevolent gaze of the “public”.

Deepening improvisational themes will offer the opportunity to listen to our imagination, to put our enthusiasm at the service of everyone in the group, and to embark together on a quest to new lands in order to experience the incredible adventure of belonging to the world without having to lie to it.

The clowns treasure chest will be enriched by spontaneity, imagination, dignity, creativity, music and other wonders.

The proposed work will include: :
Playful exercises on contact dynamics, expression and staging
An initiation with “the self on stage”
Experiencing the vitality of the inner child
The rules of the Clown´s game
Attending to one´s one body, feelings and imagination
Listening to others and the group
Exploring really listening to music and to silence
Opening up and Sharing… Sharing and opening up!
Larning to be transparent and simply laying bare one´s essence.

lain Vigneau is a clown and theatre director. He was born in France and has been living in Spain since 1989, where he directs the theatre "La Stravagante", and where he has worked with the international organization "Clowns without Borders". For several years he has been teaching training courses in art therapy and drama therapy, and leading workshops in South America and Europe that combine clown and psychotherapy ("Clown essencial").

Many people, during the SAT Program workshops, have met him and gained insight into his exceptional work that is enjoyed and valued by all. He is, internationally, one of the major representatives of the theatrical work created in collaboration with Claudio Naranjo within the SAT Program.       

New date planned for 2026
«What can I say after this work? A huge thank you from the heart! I thought I was going to be a clown, the clown as usual, but your work revealed many other things about me! My part of shadow well buried! You have the ability to "unite" an entire group in a bubble of respect and mutual understanding where everyone can open up, cry, laugh, reveal themselves without fear through your clown work. You also have the gift of reading us, of scanning us in a benevolent way in order to reveal us better.
A single word comes to mind LOVE!

After this "experience" I have only one desire, to continue this introspection and not to forget to BREATH! I wish to meet you again for Module II.
Kisses from the heart.»

Chantal (2019)

«Through the Essential Clown work, we have the possibility of accessing a space which, thanks also to Alain's incredible know-how and the natural benevolence of the group, allows us to finally welcome with a little lightness our limits, our clumsiness, our pretension, our suffering,... And as if by magic, we discover that this is the same space where, more quickly than we would expect, we also find the momentum and joy to celebrate life. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for this precious opportunity!»
Pietro (2018)

«Five days of pure joy and deep insights under the supervision of a magician of the wonder of life, who knows perfectly how to create among the participants a shared atmosphere of full acceptance where any kind of judgment disappears. The absolute freedom to express ourselves and the opportunity to see the performing of our own “black side of the moon” without shame or guilty feelings. “One small step for a woman of 64, one giant leap for my family karmic transformation”. Thousands of thanks to Alain and to my new friends from the Sea of Tranquility.»
Roberta (2018)

«The work is overwhelming!

My heart is still inflamed when thinking about the lived experience! Without fear of exaggeration, Alain Vigneau has just changed my life forever!»

Roberta, actress (2017)

«I struggle to put into words how the way of the clown was.... the sharing, laughter, tears, intimacy, joy, fear (at being seen just as I am) and vulnerability - is something I have never experienced in this way before. To be seen by others, to have fun and play with serious material and work with the paradoxes of this - well it is special and unique and stays in my heart always.  If anyone gets the opportunity to do this - grab it with both hands. It is a priceless gift for yourself and all those in your life... Grab it!»
Jamie, doctor (2017)

“Working with Alain is to stand facing the void, daring to do a double somersault knowing that his tenderness and sensitivity are there to receive us!”

“Alain is an artist who composes masterpieces of hope with the broken pencils of our troubled stories”
James, coach

“The clown blew on the almost dying embers of a distant creative path. Thanks to its imprint, deep inside, my heart laughs at very high decibels, while on the outside, I breathe more calmly in everyday life”
Sandra, lawyer

“The meeting with Alain has allowed us to discover ourselves in the midst of others, and to face ourselves being amongst and with the world, the implacable reality of our childhoods, our anguish, our fears...
The clown link is good for us, so share it with your neighbors, friends and families; it is a long path, so courage to all, and enjoy those much needed moments spent together, a clown friend!”

Ludovic, rural policeman

“Thank you to all your little red noses for your smiles, your tears, your humanity”
James, writer

"Getting in touch with our child power and send packing our fears, our image, whatever we hold onto.
Getting in touch with our emotions, our childhood experiences, the soft ones and the hard ones, and receiving them, welcoming them, recognising them. Having fun, crying, laughing together, love ourselves in our infinite diversity and in our unity”

Jean, architect

“Thank you for these memorable moments, the hearty laughter and the tears expressed or contained... I feel alive, happy to have reconnected with one of my childhood dreams, grateful to have had so much fun with you”
Marie Claire, therapist and coach

“What a wonderful bubble of humanism this clown weekend…”
Carine, physiotherapist


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