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A remarkable man
Dr. Claudio Naranjo (1932 Valparaíso, Chile - 2019 Berkeley, USA)
e is a remarkable man who has just left us, a man who has lived tirelessly driven by a thirst for knowledge and an astonishing ability to create theoretical and practical bridges between fields as diverse as psychology, spirituality, music and sacred plants… Like the great men of the Renaissance and the Age of Enlightenment, he offers us an integration, a modern synthesis of the paths, generally separated, of science, art and spiritual awakening.

Both psychiatrist and conservatory pianist, he was touched by the grace of the beings he met on his life journey such as Tótila Albert, Fritz Perls, the deep sadness of the untimely death of his son Matías, Idries Shah, Oscar Ichazo, Bob Hoffman, Suzy Stroke, Muktananda, Tarthang Tulku and many more. He wholeheartedly embraced the complexity of human existence, especially the condition of the human suffering.

Claudio participated in the 1960s wave of the Californian counter-cultural movement, the rapprochement between Western and Eastern traditions of spiritual openness. He bequeathed us a decisive contribution to the development of the Hoffman Process. He was a pioneer in transpersonal psychotherapies and the therapeutic use of psychotropic drugs. He developed the Enneagram of Personality which includes the Psychology of Enneatypes, and designed the SAT program, a “university for love and global consciousness”, as he liked to call it. He has worked in the field of education as a way to transform the world and leaves behind over 200 books and articles. In a contemporary landscape that is losing value and guidance, he has shed unique light on the difficulties created by the patriarchal world and has offered us different ways out, by laying deep trust in our human potential for self-regulation and mutual assistance.

It is within the big union of brothers and sisters that Claudio brought to life, that we, Katrin and Cherif, have grown up, got to know our selves and met each other. Under his confident guidance, we then joined our intentions and strengths to organize, with the support of our teams, the various cycles of the international SAT program in Germany and France, since 2009. These wonderful and powerful multicultural seminars, are a unique and privileged space to develop the courage to be and to share the mystery of presence in relationships.

There were also other international workshops of great experimental audacity: 2010 in Todtmoos, then in Paris 2012, Claudio introduced the Psychology of Enneatypes and Subtypes to an international audience. Montpellier 2015, an intense encounter with Balzac's genius was an opportunity to recognize and play the different Enneatypes in the light of literature and cultural history. 2016 in Bad Meinberg and 2017 in Zist, his delicate musical sensitivity allowed us to listen and to hear the meaning and essence of classical music as a subtle language towards the transcendence of the human mind. In Bremen last year, with an already fragile health, he guided us, from his home in Barcelona, on a journey through the hells, purgatories and paradises of self-realized beings. His life experience and his acute awareness of impending death gave his words the strength of a personal will on the challenges of the spiritual adventure.

What beautiful gifts!

We will miss Claudio's clear vision, and it is now up to us to initiate the next steps without him. For our part, it is with deep gratitude that we receive his legacy and commit ourselves to taking care of this heritage of wisdom, remaining faithful to the spirit of his teachings through our own maturity and creativity.

Katrin Reuter, Cherif Chalakani and the team of SAT Germany France

A Tibetan cremation ceremony led by Tarthang Tulku Rinpoche took place on July 18th in California. His ashes will remain close to his son in Odiyan, his spiritual homeland in Northern California. ­

Claudio Naranjo

Claudio Naranjo is regarded as a pioneer of the "Human Potential Movement". Worldwide he is valued as a psychiatrist, gestalt therapist and as the founder of  work with the Enneagram in the Western world.

In a unique way his doctrine combines psychotherapy, spiritual work and social healing.

e has been influenced by Fritz Perls, Carlos Casteneda, Oscar Ichazo, Bob Hoffman, Idries Shah, Tarthang Tulku Rimpoché and many more. He has published dozens of publications on a wide spectrum of different topics such as Gestalt, the Enneagram, meditation, social healing and the patriarchy.

In the 70's together with Bob Hoffman he developed the current form of the "Hoffman-Process" and founded his own psycho-spiritual school called "SAT". So far his seminars have taken place in South America, Spain and Italy - and are  now also based in Germany and France.
Who is Dr. Claudio Naranjo ?  
Claudio Naranjo is originally from Chile.

He is a psychiatrist, psychotherapist, gestalt-therapist as well as a meditation teacher and he is regarded as the pioneer of work with the Enneagram in the Western world. He was a student and colleague of Fritz Pearls, one of the founding fathers of humanistic and gestalt-therapy, and in the 60's became his successor at the renowned Esalen Institute.

His contact with Oscar Ichazo, who initiated him in the Enneagram, was crucial for him. This initiation and the following important encounters with prominent spiritual figures like Idries Shah and Tarthang Tulku Rimpoché led him to establish his school for psycho-spiritual development, called "SAT" - "Seekers after Truth".

During the last few years he has worked intensively on changing the educational systems worldwide and for 30 years he has successfully put into practice his SAT Programs in the fields of psychotherapy and education.


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