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On January 24th, 30th, and 31st 2021
The transforming power of self-awareness
An international online seminar
n these times of crises and uncertainties impacting our personal and community lives, we seek to transform and overcome old structures, inside and outside of ourselves. Claudio Naranjo's approaches to holistic and harmonious human development might help us make sense of what is happening within us and around us, and creatively seize the opportunities that this crisis offers for a new consciousness. 

Although the virtual space cannot replace face-to-face, digital technology offers myriad possibilities. With this in mind, we propose making the most of the virtual realm to make Naranjo's differentiated approaches available to a larger audience to learn about new ideas and to explore paths of development together with others who are also committed to transformation.

In this seminar, Maria Grazia Cecchini, a long-time collaborator of Claudio Naranjo in many countries, will explore with participants the different levels of self-knowledge. Starting with the question of what "self" actually is, she will show that "knowing oneself" goes beyond becoming aware of everyday behaviors, attitudes, and automatisms, as well as psychological defense mechanisms. To (know) oneself in-depth means to discover our true nature in all its vitality and capacity for love, that can manifest itself in our relationships and can be cultivated. When we embark on this path, we also get to know the other, or learn to recognize him or her as a human being again, and can thus begin to feel the interconnectedness between all living beings.

Throughout the three evenings, participants will:
learn how behaviors influence their relationships
understand how personality, as learned and automatic defense structures, constricts reality and, using the Enneagram as an example, examine the different forms they can take;
experience how body awareness and meditation can promote personal unfolding and contribute to well-being;
exchange ideas with interested people from different countries;
learn easy-to-use tools that continue to support them and promote resilience in difficult times.
Grazia is a highly accomplished therapist with invaluable experience in working with larger groups. In this seminar, she will share her skills and methods online, both lecturing and leading exercises that will open up a lively learning environment.

The seminar will take place on three consecutive evening sessions, each lasting 2.5 hours. The breaks between the sessions help prevent excessive screen fatigue, on one hand, and on the other hand, they open up the possibility to review and integrate lessons learned from the course of the seminar in one's own life.  

Who is the seminar for?

In this video, Grazia gives us an overview on the subject
For people who want to learn about Naranjo's approach and the SAT program first-hand

  For former participants of the SAT program who want to connect to their experiences and immerse themselves in its rich teachings

  For anyone interested in sharing and learning together  

On January 24th, 30th, and 31st 2021
from 6 to 8.30 pm (CET)
(Only the entire course can be booked)
The virtual space via ZOOM allows participation from all over the world
Grazia speaks in Spanish and is translated throughout in English, French and German (interpreters provide translations through special language channels in ZOOM).
Participation fees:
We offer fees on sliding scale basis. This allows participants to pay according to individual possibilities*.

    Sponsoring price: 130 €
    Normal price: 90 €
    Reduced price: 50 €
(*The normal fee represents the price to cover the costs of the program. If you can afford the sponsoring fee you assist our efforts to offer lower sliding-scale rates and ongoing financial subsidies of the reduced price.)

María Grazia Cecchini, psychologist and psychotherapist specialised in Gestalt and Systemic-Relational Therapy, is a trainer and supervisor in the international SAT program. She is in charge of the department of education sector in the Claudio Naranjo Foundation and directs the school "Gestalt Viva Claudio Naranjo" in Santiago de Chile. She has been conducting educational projects in Europe and Latin America and for many years has been integrating the Psychology of Enneatypes and meditation into her psychotherapeutic practice. She has published several articles and directs the series "La Psicología de los Eneatipos de Claudio Naranjo" (The Psychology of the Enneatypes of Claudio Naranjo) Ed. La Llave.

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