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September 21st to 25th 2016 - Bad Meinberg near Hannover, Germany
"Silence, music, surrender and inquiring into the nature of the mind"

Silence is understood as synonymous with peace and quiet in Buddhist practice, and "surrender" in Claudio Naranjo’s vision, is referring to a physical practice of releasing spontaneous expression. During the retreat, these two approaches, closely interconnected through meditation and authentic movement, were be complemented by the Buddhist teaching of Dzogchen to explore the fundamental nature of the mind.

He was accompanied by:
Betina Waissman, international expert in authentic movement, and
Alejandro Torrealba, former Vipassana Buddhist monk and a student for many years of Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche of the Bön tradition.

Those books accompany the event:
Die Geburt aus dem Ich (only available in German)
Tótila Alberts Epos „Die Geburt aus dem Ich“
in 5 volumes - from Claudio Naranjo and Sebastian Elsässer, published in 2015

La música interior

An interactive book with textes and music examples
illustrating the psycho-spiritual qualities of classical music.
From Claudio Naranjo,
published in 2015 (only in Spanish)  
The exploration of music for development of consciousness and transformation is already underway:
Claudio Naranjo and the potential of classical music
video & interview

Extract of the seminar
„Silence, music, surrender
and inquiring into the nature of the mind“
Germany 2016

Interview with Claudio Naranjo

“Music can be a way into oneself, a mirror to what we deeply feel; or it can be a substitute to fill a feeling of emptiness and avoid deeper issues and connecting with life.…  
Here you can read the entire interview:
Interview PDF


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