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t the end of September, 250 participants from more than 20 countries gathered in Oberlethe near Bremen. All brought with them relevant experience with the Enneagram and had intensively studied the life and work of a total of 54 personalities from literature, art, music, spirituality, politics and science.

During the 5 days of the seminar everyone was able to deal intensively with questions such as
What does transformation mean?
Can we find out which Enneatyp those historic personalities belonged to by studying their biographies?
What character traits marked those personalities? Which of those traits could they make their own in their lives and which could they overcome?
Can we sharpen our understanding of the subtypes through the exploration of the life and work of those personalities and what do we learn about ourselves from this?
When it comes to the theatre work: What enrichment do we personally experience through the embodiment of the Enneagram?

hese and even more
questions ran like a red thread through the 5-day seminar, which was a premiere in its conception and implementation. Thanks to technical possibilities, Claudio Naranjo conducted the symposium from Barcelona via live video conference, as health problems made travelling impossible for him. His contributions and analyses to the topics of the seminar were brilliant and brought precision as much as depth to the speakers presenting the biographies. We thus witnessed very special and unusual Enneagram panels.

So, is self-realization an end in itself, a task of each individual in his life context? It became particularly clear that there are many different starting points for transformation: Illuminating and "aha" moments, shaking events, initiations, through-the-pain-into-the-light experiences, enlightening moments…

The underlaying theme for the theatre work of the symposium was Dante's phases of development from personal hell and purgatory into his own heaven, which is an analogy from his "divine comedy", that can be psychologically interpreted and applied to personal development. Continuing with that line of thinking it was obvious to then crown the symposium with a grand theatre performance that included more than 250 actors letting the historical personalities go through hell, purgatory and heaven and thereby encounter their own abysses and heights.

„I realized that self-realization is not what I thought it was and that I don't have to be perfect in order to experience it. Diving into the life stories of all these personalities demystified my idea of Self-realization as a permanent state and a complete transformation of the "I". It was amazing to slip into the skin of the three different subtypes of my Enneatyp and experience them from within and in action. I had never seen the differences so clearly before"“.         Maria, teacher

hat this one of a kind of a symposium could happen in the wonderful way it did was only thanks to the tiredness work of many helpers, translators, theatre directors, and all the participants who studied the biographies beforehand. Thank you once again for your dedicated work, with special thanks to Betina Waissman, Juan Carlos Corezza and Claudio Naranjo! We are looking forward to Claudio's book project on the symposium and hope to be able to provide you some impressions from the video material soon.

"Hof Oberlethe"

With a team of theater directors and actors:


Juan Carlos Corazza

Theatre director and teacher.

Founder and director of the Corazza Drama School in Madrid.

Performance coach. He teaches courses and Master Class in several countries. He has participated in numerous Theatre, Cinema and Television productions. Since 1995 he has collaborated in the international SAT program, for which he has created a theatrical proposal focused on the study of the Enneagram.

Consuelo Trujillo

Actress, director and teacher.

She was a member of the teaching staff at the Corazza Drama School for 14 years and collaborated in numerous Theatre, Cinema and Television projects.

She currently runs an Acting Training Laboratory and participates in artistic processes applied to performance, education, psychotherapy and human development in Spain, Italy and Latin America.

Claudia Della Seta

Actress, translator and playwright.

She trained as an actress in LA and was a member of the funding team of the “Arab Hebrew Theatre of Jaffa” in Israel, first theatre that promotes peace and dialogue between Israeli and Palestinians in war zones through theatre.

Director of the theatre company “Afrodita Compagnia” in Rome.

Reyes Hiraldo

Actress, director and teacher.

She trained as an actor at Corazza Drama School and at London's Central School of Speech and Drama.

She works as an actress/director and teaches regularly at various UK universities and drama schools.

Alain Vigneau

Clown and director.

He travelled for many years with his theatre "La Stravagante" through France and Spain, and today he teaches courses around the world devoted to the combination of clown theatre and psychotherapy. 

Rosa Morales Kucharski

Actress, Gestalt therapist and teacher.

She has been teaching for many years at the Corazza Drama School in Madrid and works both in theatre, as well as in film productions. 

Duccio Barlucchi

Actor, director and writer.

He is the Founder of the theatre group "Almaviva" in Florence, which specializes in the artistic use of masks in theatre. 

Gema Lopez

Psychologist, actress, scriptwriter and director.

In addition to her theatre work, she organises seminars which combine theater, creativity and psychotherapy. 

Giulio Costa

Set designer and architect.

He works as an actor, playwright and stage designer. He has contributed to several plays in Occhiobello, as well as to the Ferrara Off Theatre and to the Festival of Fairy Tales for adults in Italy.

Lorena de las Bayonas

Actress, director and teacher.
She began her acting studies at the University of Sydney in Australia, continued them at the Corazza School of Dramatic Art in Spain and now runs a private institute for training actors.

Oscar Velado

Actor, teacher and director.

He teaches at the Corazza Drama School and works with different theatre companies in Madrid. He trained in Gestalt Therapy and in Claudio Naranjo’s SAT program.

Alberto Lopez Murtra

Actor, teen theatre expert and teacher.

Teacher at the Corazza Drama School. Trained in lyric, musical singing, and in Family Constellations, he teaches techniques for communication and improvisation for the business world.

Luis Fuisté Coetzee Psychotherapist and playwright. He has staged many plays (for example, La Fura dels Baus) and participated in the filming of "Perfume". 

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