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July 2010:
International Advanced Training with Claudio Naranjo  
"The Enneagram as a key to true potential"
27 characters in search of a deeper Identity
From July 9th to July 16th 2010 at Todtmoos, Black Forest an International Advanced Training with more than 200 participants from 14 countries took place. Dr. Claudio Naranjo together with his team led this training. 
The video summary of the International Advanced Training in Todtmoos 2010
Long expected: The video summary of the International Advanced Training in Todtmoos 2010 is out now. Ideal for the theoretical SAT preparation and postprocessing.

On 5 DVDs the following topics are summarized:
  Introduction to the psychology of enneatypes
  Presenting enneatypes and subtypes
  Philosophers in the light of the enneatypes
  Classical composers and enneatypes – a musical journey on the piano
  Leaving the ego behind : Introduction to the virtues
  Claudio honoring his teacher Tótila Albert: The poetic dimension of music
  Meditations : Introduction and Practice

  Order: For English only speakers, the DVD set can only be ordered via e-mail because the Auditorium-Netwerk web site is written in German. However, their staff is fluent in English. You can order via e-mail by writing "Auditorium-Netwerk"
Video documentation of the lectures by Claudio Naranjo :
Naranjo, Claudio: Totila Alberts music dictation
english/german - DVD  21.95 EUR

Naranjo, Claudio: The Enneagram in music
presented at the piano by Claudio Naranjo

9th - 16th July 2010, english/german, 142 minutes on 2 CDs or 1 DVD
CD 15.95 EUR  -  DVD 21.95 EUR

Some impressions:
Claudio Naranjo: The Enneagram
Meditation, bodywork and movements

"I still would like to thank you and the whole SAT team for facilitating so smoothly and warmly the SAT 2010 at Todtmoos! It was a grateful and deep experience which I will always remember. Thank you!"
(I. K. W., participant)
Working with the enneatypes in small groups

"It has been a wonderful experience.
And everything was well organized."

(A. L., participant)
The Enneagram in music and philosophy - Totila Alberts music dictation
Claudio Naranjo
Participant and impressions

"A big Bravo and thank you to all the team for this incredible week!"
(J. C. P., participant)

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