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SAT 1 - Elements, methods, and techniques
and vitality
Across a whole mosaic of organically interconnected methods and techniques, SAT 1 aims to des-identify aspects of the conditioned character (the ego) and opens the being to genuine values and new creative existential potency.

It contains the following elements:
The Enneagram of personality
Introduction to the Psychology of the Enneagram: Acquirement of theoretical and practical knowledge which exceeds the content of common publications on the Enneagram.
"Authentic Movement"
These exercises of free dancing movement lead to the source of one's own creativity.The experience, obtained from this source, of truly letting go allows vitality, intuition and spontaneity to evolve.
Psychodrama and Therapeutic Theatre
The stage, the audience, my role: Performing in this setting breaks open one's own character structure and is liberating, allowing a deeper existence 
Buddhist Meditation
Exercises of guided meditation expand the consciousness and allow seeing things the way they are and not the way we are. We liberate our view from common beliefs and truly experience. Here the practice of an "interpersonal Vipassana" plays a special role.
Gestalt Therapy
Gestalt therapeutic sessions, installations and exercises of free association, inspired by Psychoanalysis, loosen old blockages and inner conflicts. 

Date 2023 :
October 27th to November 5th 2023
Conducted by:
Course language
English, French, and German
Participation Fee
1.240 € (plus accommodation and full board)
1150 € for registration before june 27th 2023
Prices are subject to change

Date 2024 :
October 25th to November 3rd 2024
Conducted by:
Course language
English and German
Participation Fee
1.240 € (plus accommodation and full board)
1150 € for registration before june 7th 2024

Location 2023 and 2024:
ZIST, Germany (Bavaria)
Accommodation costs
Accomodation and full board
per day/person:
68,00 € (Room with five beds - Shower & WC outside the room)
68,00 € (Apartment with many beds - Shower & WC outside the room)
68,00 € (Room with 3 beds - Shower & WC outside the room)
81,00 € (Room with 2 beds - Shower & WC outside the room)
96,00 € (Room with 2 beds - with shower/WC as Double room - double bed if desired)
118,00 € (Room single - with shower/WC)

Prices are subject to change

Note: For hygiene protection measures during the corona pandemic,
additional expenses of one euro per night will be charged.

The registration starts at 3.00 pm
The dinner starts at 6.30 pm
We will begin at 7.30 pm with an opening and an introduction
It will end around 1.00 pm
Lunch will be served starting at 1 pm


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