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The elements of SAT II
your relationships
The second module of the SAT Program helps to increasingly open to the reality of our experiences and to strengthen our motivation to undergo inner transformation. The central focus is (re-) establishing a loving relationship to ourselves, to our own history and the relevant relationships in our life.
We will continue striving to understand the psychodynamics of our personality structures working on the subtypes and our cognitive core beliefs. We will investigate how our ego structures have been shaped in our childhood. In a carefully monitored step-by-step process, the participants will be guided through a clarification of their relationship to their parents and to the attachment figures around them in their childhood, making them aware of their biographical imprints.
The emotional opening created through understanding and reconciliation will be expanded to exercises including current or past significant others, children and siblings with the intention to nourish healthy relationships. An introduction into Mahayana Buddhism and the meditation of "non-doing” will facilitate witnessing the mind on a more profound level and beyond our ordinary ways of thinking. In addition, the participants will be introduced to the virtues in the Enneagram which help us to step out of our habitual attitudes in order to gain more clarity and connection.

For participation at SAT II it is required to have completed module I either in Germany or France or in another country. There are no restrictions as to how much time may have elapsed between the modules.

In some cases, individuals without having completed SAT I will be offered the opportunity to participate if they have accomplished several years of personal development which also comprises experiential work with the Enneagram. Whether this is an option, will be discussed in a personal phone call.

May 3rd to 12th 2024
Conducted by:
Course language:
English, German, French, Spanish
Course fee
1.240 € (plus accommodation and full board)
1.150 € for registration before February 3rd 2024

ZIST, Germany (Bavaria)
Accommodation costs
Accomodation and full board
per day/person:
72,00 € (Room with five beds - Shower & WC outside the room)
72,00 € (Apartment with many beds - Shower & WC outside the room)
72,00 € (Room with 3 beds - Shower & WC outside the room)
86,00 € (Room with 2 beds - Shower & WC outside the room)
101,00 € (Room with 2 beds - with shower/WC as Double room - double bed if desired)
123,00 € (Room single - with shower/WC)

Prices are subject to change

Arrival from 3.00 pm
Seminar begins at 6.00 pm
It will end around 1.00 pm
Lunch will be served starting at 1 pm


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