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The elements of SAT III
inner guidance
The focus of the third module will be on gaining some more profound insight into the psychology of the Enneatypes by investigating the specific defence mechanisms of the various personality structures and presenting different theories of neurosis as well as Claudio’s approach on the three loves. This special teaching, which is exclusively shared within the SAT Program, opens a window of possibility to reach deeper levels of self-acceptance and to develop trust in one’s own intuitive abilities.

A "psychotherapeutical laboratory" maintained continuously over the 9 days and the accompanying supervision will provide participants with an opportunity to continue their personal work on the ego structures and on their resulting problems in their lives. Furthermore, the process will bring forward specific issues and difficulties that arise when we engage in helping and supporting others. This will initiate a learning process in which the participants will work with each other under supervision and provide mutual support in on-going self-inquiry and growth.
Breath, Movement,

In this sense, the third module represents the core of the SAT Programme. Both its structure and its methodological approaches and exercises make it an exceptional training. Introduction into Tibetan meditation according to the Vajrajana tradition clears the path to compassion for oneself and others, which is at the same time nourished by mindful body, breath and movement work as well as a conscious birth of a new inner family. Work in the large forum as well as in small groups plus guided work with a partner are geared towards supporting the process, which will be facilitated by a team of international experts around Claudio Naranjo.

For participation at SAT III it is required to have completed the previous modules of the SAT Program either in Germany or France or in another country. There are no restrictions as to how much time may have elapsed between the modules.
October 2nd  to 11th 2024
Participation Fee
1360 € (plus accommodation and full board)
1280 € for registration before July 2nd 2024
Course language
English, German, French, Spanish

Arbogast (close to Bregenz, Lake Constance, Austria)
Accommodation costs:
Per night with full board
including tourist tax
107 € (Single room, with shower and WC)
97 € (Double room, with shower and WC)

The registration starts at 3.00 pm
The dinner starts at 6.30 pm
We will begin at 7.30 pm with an opening and an introduction
It will end around 1.00 pm
Lunch will be served starting at 1 pm



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