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Dr. Paolo

Paolo Baiocchi is a physician psychiatrist and Gestalt therapist. He is the director of the training institute for Gestalt therapy of Trieste IGT in Italy. A focal point of his work is individual and group Gestalt therapy and the facilitation of healthy communication in the society. He collaborates on a regular basis in the SAT programs coordinated by Claudio Naranjo in Italy, Spain and Germany.


Duccio Barlucchi the founder of the "Teatro d'Almaviva" in Florence in Italy. He has always explored theatre as a way of awakening unknown potentials. In a creative and researching way, he uses masks as instruments of transformation to reach the hidden faces. As a student of Claudio Naranjo, he participated in several SAT courses in Italy and Mexico as well as the Balzac Symposium 2015 in Montpellier and "Character and self-realization" 2018 in Bremen.  


Sandra Bermudez is from Columbia and has been living in France for several years. Keen to reconnect her inner self with her professional path, this lawyer by profession turned to the Enneagram, the SAT program and the Hoffman Process. Seeking to “humanise” conflicts and to support balanced psychological, physical and emotional growth, she became a Mediator with a Non Violent Communication approach and is currently completing her training to become an instructor of Body-Mind Techniques of the “Rio Abierto” system. Today, she is participating in the organisation of the Relais Paris and supports us in our public relations.


Dominique Bertrand is a traveling musician, writer and composer. Trained in various traditional music genres (India, Japan), he combines practicing music with anthropological research. He is currently president of the International Centre for Music Therapy in Paris and author of two books about the symbolism of sound and music ("le diabolus des sages" and "la prière du serpent", éd. Signatura) -

Anik Billard †
Anik (Senka) Billard passed away on April 6th 2020.
For many years she was part of our team in SAT II as a therapist and Zen teacher.

In memoriam  


Maria Grazia Cecchini is a psychologist and psychotherapist trained in psychodynamic, gestalt and systemic therapy. She is the director of the training institute for systemic counselling, ATMOS, in Rome. She has studied and worked with Claudio Naranjo for many years, and offers SAT courses in Italy, Spain, Germany and South America on a regular basis.

Cherif Chalakani is a mathematician and body therapist following the Wilhelm Reich tradition who particularly emphasizes the development of mindfulness in movement and breathing. He has developed a specific process around birth experiences. His biographical background incorporates influences of Egyptian, French and Mexican culture. He has been a student and collaborator of Claudio Naranjo for  over 30 years and is one of the founders of body, movement and breath work within the international SAT School. He teaches Seminars in Europe and Latin America and collaborates with the Hoffman Institute France.

Antoni Aguilar Chastellain is a physician and psychotherapist trained in gestalt and integrative body therapy, NLP and solution focused brief therapy. He has been practicing Vipassana following the Dhiravamsa tradition for several years and he is a student of Claudio Naranjo. He is the founder and head of the Espai Gestalt training institute in Barcelona, Spain, which combines gestalt, body and artistic expressive therapies.

Annie Chevreux was born in Paris and lived in Madrid for 30 years. She is a Gestalt therapist, trained by the Spanish Society for Gestalt therapy (A.E.T.G). She co-founded the Institute for Gestalt therapy training in Madrid and works at the Centre for Psychotherapy CIPARH in Madrid. As a disciple and collaborator of Claudio Naranjo, she is also author of "El de Berlín Perls: El espíritu vanguardista en el arte y la terapia gestalt". (Editions Mandala, Madrid. 2007).

Juan Carlos
Juan Carlos Corazza: Theatre director and lecturer, founder of the Corazza Drama School in Madrid, one of the most important drama schools in Spain. He studied at the Conservatory of Dramatic Arts in Buenos Aires, with Carlos Gandolfo and Augusto Fernándes. He has directed many classical plays, some of them performed in Spain, Moscow, Mexico City, and Santiago de Chile. Internationally known for his work as an acting coach, in 2015 he received the ICON-El Pais Award and in 2017 the Honorary Award of the Spanish Actors' Association. He completed Gestalt therapy training and underwent the SAT training with Claudio Naranjo, with whom he subsequently worked for many years within the international SAT school.

Manuel Cuesta is a Gestalt and body psychotherapist in private practice in Barcelona. He has been leading therapy and training groups within his training center Paziencia since 2011 and is a collaborator in the Spanish Hoffman Process. He has assisted in the SAT program and has worked regularly with Cherif Chalakani for many years as part of his work on perinatal experiences and movement work in Spain and Mexico.

de Pablo
Montse de Pablo ... originally trained as a lawyer, she has been a systemic family and body psychotherapist for over 30 years. Born and raised in Spain she has been living for many years in Mexico, where she conducts seminars on family reconstruction and parental images and, being a student of Claudio Naranjo, she collaborates in the SAT program in Mexico. She is also a meditation teacher in the Buddhist tradition and finds the essential inspiration for her personal and professional life in the quiet.

Bettina Deuster is Speech Therapist, Yoga teacher and integrative Body therapist. She studied Hakomi and Core Energetics. Focal points of her work are psychosomatic problems. She lived 16 years in Mexico where she was a collaborator of Claudio Naranjo. She works presently in her private practice in Düsseldorf (  

Brisa Esteve is a physiotherapist and body worker and has undergone various trainings such as Rio Abierto and Anatomy for Movement®. She has been practicing Zen meditation for many years and was trained by Zen Master and Gestalt therapist Anik Billard, who accompanied the SAT program for many years.  

Antonio Ferrara is a psychotherapist, supervisor and teacher. He is trained in Gestalt therapy and Transactional Analysis. He is recognized by the Italian Gestalt School’s Federation and by the International Association of Transactional Analysis. He is founder and director of the Postgraduate School of Psychotherapy IGAT based in Naples, Italy. He has been collaborating for more than 20 years as a supervisor in SAT programs coordinated by Claudio Naranjo, both in Italy and abroad.

Sophie Friedel holds an MA in Peace Studies from the University of Innsbruck and works with young people on peace and conflict transformation through skateboarding in Germany, and previously also in Afghanistan, Costa Rica and Switzerland. After completing her own SAT cycle, she started training in Integrative Gestalt Therapy. Since 2016 she has been working at the SAT Institute Germany France, where she accompanies the ongoing SAT groups.

Joan Garriga is a psychologist, Gestalt therapist and writer. He is a founding member of the Institut Gestalt de Barcelona (, where he has been developing his work as a therapist, trainer and supervisor since the 1980s. As a student and collaborator of Claudio Naranjo, he has contributed to the integrative psychotherapy within the SAT program and since the late 90s he has been decisive in bringing up systemic constellation work for families, couples and organizations in Spain and Latin America (

Stephan Hausner is a naturopath trained in traditional Chinese medicine, homeopathy and osteopathy. Since the 90s he has been working intensively with systemic constellation work and has developed his own approach to symptom constellations, which is described in his book "Even if it costs my life – systemic constellations and serious illness”. He currently leads international therapy and training groups in various countries (

After several years of experience as a job counselor and adult guidance, as well as a trainer in learning methodology and preparation for qualifying examinations, Marie-Claire created her own training organization «Optimum» in Ardèche. Coach certificate holder, she offers personal and professional coaching sessions and runs personal development courses.

She attended many courses including the Training Programme of the Hoffman Institute and Dr. Claudio Naranjo’s teaching of the Enneagram. Marie-Claire joined the Hoffman teaching team in December 2011, and runs the south relay (Relais Sud).

Klein †
Monika Klein  died on 23 December 23rd 2017 on a trip to Sri Lanka. For many years she worked as a translator for Claudio into German at SAT. On many videos she can be seen and heard next to Claudio  

Josefa Kirvin
Josefa is a genuine Mexican shaman. Besides her training as a “medicine woman”, which includes “walking the red road” of the Lakota tradition, she is also a Gestalt therapist. She transmits with the simplicity of her presence, combining the long-forgotten heritage of the Mayan tradition with an openness to contemporary psychology.  

Catalina Lladó was born in Catalonia (Spain) and presently lives and works in many places, including Barcelona, Madrid, Mallorca and Berlin. She is an actress on the stage, in film and in television, and directs and teaches in various theatres and Gestalt institutes. She has years of experience as a Gestalt therapist and coach, and is a member of the teaching staff of Dr. Claudio Naranjo’s SAT programs.

López Murtra
Alberto López Murtra is an actor, theater director and teacher at the internationally recognized Corazza School of Drama in Madrid where he teaches adolescents and adults. He has trained with Juan Carlos Corazza since 1999 and also has a background in opera and musical singing. He has completed the SAT program and a training in family constellations.  

Mateu Domènech
Assumpta Mateu Domènech is a psychologist and psychotherapist, with a specialization in palliative and bereavement counseling. She is the director of the treatment and training center Gestalttransformacio in Palma de Mallorca and leads a training program for end-of-life and bereavement accompaniment. Trained in gestalt, systemic family and couples therapy, as well as strategic short term therapy, she works as an instructor and supervisor for therapy training institutes in Spain and abroad. She has been for many years a student and collaborator of Claudio Naranjo within the international SAT School and his foundation in Spain.

Dunya McPherson, Director of Dervish Society of America, is a writer, dancer, and Founder of the healing movement system Dancemeditation™, specializing in opening the wonderment of deep, subtle, embodied self-perception. She has been a Sufi practitioner and guide since 1980. Juilliard graduate and NEA Choreography Fellow, her extensive teaching credits include Princeton University, Swarthmore College, and New York University. She is the author of Skin of Glass: Finding Spirit in the Flesh, a memoir about dance as a spiritual path. She has been collaborating with Claudio in South America for the past two years, a gift she finds magical and deepening. 


Cynthia Merchant is a marriage and family therapist and a practicing somatic psychotherapist. She has taught the Hoffman Process for twenty years and she has been a student and collaborator of Dr. Claudio Naranjo since 1989. Also a student and practitioner of Dr. Peter Levine, she engages in both the SAT and the Somatic Experiencing (SE) work in the US, South America, China and Europe. Cynthia invites people into a deeper more embodied authenticity and self-acceptance.


Description follows  

Dr Katrin

Katrin Reuter is a psychologist and psychotherapist, trained in cognitive-behavioural, family and hypnotherapy. She works as psycho-oncologist and group therapist in research, training and private practice. She is the director of the Hoffman Institute France and since 2007 she collaborates  with Claudio Naranjo and the international SAT school by coordinating the SAT programs for Germany and France.


Jaclyne Scardova is a native Frenchwoman and has lived in Berkeley, California for many years. She is an artist and painter and she has a special talent for accessing intuitively the personal and collective unconscious. She is a long-time companion of Claudio Naranjo and provides her insights to people who are in an intense development process.  


Alejandro Torrealba has been practicing yoga and Buddhism since the 70s. He lived as a monk for several years in monasteries in India, Nepal and Thailand. Long-time student of V.R. Dhiravamsa and Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche, he is dedicated to Vipassana and the Dzogchen of the Tibetan tradition of Bön Buddhism. He is meditation teacher in the Ligmincha International School, director of Milarepa meditation centre, located in the Canary Islands, and engaged in integrative medicine. After participating as a student in the SAT he is now working in the same program.

Sergio Veleda
Description follows  

Alain Vigneau
Alain Vigneau is a clown and theatre director. Born in France, he lives since 1989 in Spain, where he runs the Theatre „La Stravagante“.  He teaches clown therapy in the frame of art and drama therapy trainings and works for the international organization  “clowns without borders”.  As a student of Claudio Naranjo he cooperates in the international SAT programs.  


Betina Waissman is a sociologist, political scientist and an actress. She worked with the street theatre “Tá na Rua” for 20 years in Rio de Janeiro. She is trained as a body therapist following the Reich tradition and to the system “ Rio Abierto”. She teaches internationally expressive dance and Authentic Movement and is an instructor at the Drama School Corazza in Madrid. Since 1992 she collaborates with Claudio Naranjo in Spain and in South America.  


Andrés Waksman is a dancer, actor and choreographer. Hi is the founder and director of „ALAS Artes en Movimiento” in Barcelona which is a training institute for dance theatre with the aim of making use of movement and art for transformative processes.  He has been teaching Authentic Movement for 10 years in Spain, Italy and recently also in Germany and works within the SAT programs.  


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