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Informations about the ZOOM meetings

We open the Zoom room a quarter of an hour before.
Bring a pen and a notebook.
We highly recommend joining on a laptop/tablet/desktop instead of a phone. We will be using interactive tools like chat, and breakout rooms during the session. The experience is more seamless on these gadgets instead of a phone. 
Please keep your videos on. Seeing one another will help us to connect, be more present and engaged. 
Remember to find a quiet place where you won’t be disturbed so you can make the most out of our meeting.
Please join a bit before the start time, to ensure your tech works – We will begin on time.
Your microphones will be turned of when you join. This will minimize distractions if someone logs on late (please avoid this) or background noise. Off course if you have a technical question please use the chat or turn on your microphone. On your screen you can easily find the video and microphone icons on the bottom left.
If for some reason, you’re unable to join, please let us know so we are not waiting for you.

The host for the evening will open the virtual room a quarter of an hour before, so that you can settle any technical issues. He will be taking your question in the chat and is there to help out with technical questions regarding the meeting.

In case you are new to zoom:
You can use the streaming platform on your computer, or tablet. Either on the zoom website as live-stream option or if you like, and we especially recommend this, download the app to join the meeting.

By clicking on the meeting ID link you are prompted the website and a download process of the application should start automatically.

Please email: in case you are having technical difficulties. Or contact her on the SAT WhatsApp on +49 16095533877


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